Corporate Services

Open a corporate account and receive from the following benefits

If you’d like to order flowers for various occasions throughout the year, open an account for your organization.

Registering is free and your corporate account will allow you to get estimates and subscribe to various services.

The benefits include:

  • the possibility to order by email
  • quick invoicing through email
  • payment through direct deposit, checks or credit card, based on your preference

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Email Ordering

You already have a corporate account and would like to send us an order through email ?

Nothing simpler !

Floral Subscription

To decorate with flowers a restaurant, a shop, a business… it’s a chic and personal way to greet your clients.

We offer a flower subscription service that is in line with your taste, your budget.

This subscription includes the following:

  • Delivery and set-up of flower arrangements and bouquets;
  • Vase or plant pot;
  • Exclusive use of high-quality and fresh flowers;
  • Monthly invoicing.

The cost of this service is established according to the frequency of use.

Promos and Gifts

You’re considering flowers as a way of communication?

For a product launch, a business contest, a charm offensive, or for a simple but special occasion such as Christmas, International Women’s Day, Administrative Professionals Week, etc.

Our florist salespersons will advise you on customized flower arrangements, bouquets, individual flowers or plants, for all occasions.

The cost of this service is established according to the nature of the occasion.

Event Decoration

You’re looking to enhance the look of your business and surprise your customers?

The know-how and tradecraft of our florists-craftspersons are at your disposal.

Let our flower arrangements and bouquets highlight and beautify all of your events, whether they are receptions, seminars, workshops, conferences, galas, exhibitions, launches, banquets, etc.

The cost of this service is established according to the scope and scale of the event.

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