Winter seasonal plants just arrived!

Winter seasonal plants just arrived! Poinsettia, Christmas cactus, cypress and amaryllis will give a Christmas touch to your living room, don’t wait too long!

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Formidable !!!

STROMAE  tonight at the Bell Centre, … alors on danse ?

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Rosh Hashanah

To complement your rosh hashana greetings….

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10 tips for your Wedding Flowers !

#10 : It’s never too early to order your flowers, it’s never too late if you’ll be choosing the day’s flowers. #9: Favor in-season flowers. #8 : It’s your 2nd wedding? Don’t get the same flowers as you first weeding. #7 : … to be continued

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Floral arrangements in exhibit

Our floral arrangements are always on exhibit at Bistro Chez Roger !

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To decorate the garden…

“Pot-pourri” centerpiece for the terrace and garden

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